Hello all,  :D

I have written this little cleanup tool to handle my messy messy drives :)
However, the List view headers and scroll bars look very poor as they are not skinned.

Can anyone provide me with a link to how to skin these items in windows (via owner drawn OR Subclass but prefer asm ;) )
I would appreciate this greatly.
I found Threads on this forum (and the other place on the same subject) but none were actually 'resolved'.
PLEASE read 'Known Issues' before using on you root c:\ folder :lol:
I take no responabilty, blah,blah,blah...... :lol:

Features Include:
Simple to use design (Just drag and drop a file from a messy folder).
Nice gui interface.
Removes any empty directories while scanning.
Renames all files/folders to Capitalised form.
mEssYfile.Txt  - Becomes -> Messyfile.txt
mEssY file.Txt  - Becomes -> Messy File.txt

Known issues: Currently treats folders dropped as files and WILL scan/repair/delete sibling folder and file items. (Fixing please wait :) )
Please try the program out on a CD first. It will not rename the files but will allow you to become familiar with this bug easier that me explaining it. :shrug:
Posted on 2007-02-10 22:41:45 by asmn00b
Let's definitely clear one thing up, for sure.

Once a member of the Community Staff addresses an issue, there is no need to "jump on the bandwagon" as it is unwarranted and undesired. Moreover, it is clearly stated in our Community Rules that the job of moderation is that of the Community Staff.

Jeronimo0d0a and rags posted reasonable responses, including mine makes 3 redundant posts that clearly and completely cover the issue. However, I have removed one disrespectful reply to this thread already.

Let this be the end of it. If you are not willing to help asmn00b for "X" reason, then I have a simple solution... ignore this post and move along.
Posted on 2007-02-13 18:48:34 by SpooK
You didnt even need to download the program to SEE the issue.

But it was a ZIP

The program itself is only slightly relevent!


I really didnt expect such a hostile responce.

Neither did I - it was just a comment, since all I did was download the ZIP, unzip it and see an EXE.
And with all your disclaimers and the fact that it *can* remove empty dirs, I wanted to see some code and didn't
want to trace an EXE...

Anyway, to business...What do you mean by "skin"? A windows theme? An XP manifest? With owner-drawn, you can do
whatever you want, since you control all of the painting.

ETA: Here's a screenshot of your program run on my computer - I have the old-style theme, things look a bit different.
Posted on 2007-02-14 05:49:02 by sinsi
Sincerest apologies to asmn00b, SpooK and community. I did not mean to offend or violate any rules and wish all to know that I am truly sorry. It won't happen again.
Posted on 2007-02-16 09:16:38 by Jeronimo0d0a