I have a tool that contains english and german language resources. If I'm on a german Windows, it starts correctly in german. The same for an english Windows, here I get the english resources.

But if I start on a greek or polish Windows, the system chooses the german language as the default :( I wonder how I can setup english as default language?
Posted on 2007-02-13 14:27:18 by beaster
Good question :)

Iirc there's a language code called something like "system default" - try changing your English resources to that instead... hopefully that'll make the program start up in that locale when it doesn't have a specialized locale.

Other than that, perhaps the order resources are defined in the .rc script?
Posted on 2007-02-13 17:28:01 by f0dder
This is exactly what I told you quite some time ago when some of the Community were testing your app ^^ The English language should be the default, none other :) And not the System's lang should determine which resource is to be used, but the User's lang. GetUserDefaultLangID is your friend :)
Posted on 2007-02-14 03:44:08 by ti_mo_n
you are right, I thought I solved the problem already, but it still exists ..

If I rename "LANG_ENGLISH" to "LANG_NEUTRAL" then the app starts on a german windows also in english, this doesn't seem to be the solution :(

This is what Microsoft says:
The catch here is that if the thread locale is the same as the currently selected user locale, system?s resource loader will by default use the language ID 0 (neutral). If the desired resource is defined as a neutral language, then this value will be returned. Otherwise, all of the language resources will be enumerated (in language ID order) and the first matching resource ID ? regardless of its language ? will be returned.
so maybe the order in the rc file will help, I'll try this :)
Posted on 2007-02-23 04:01:07 by beaster