After a long time away from the forum and assembly programming I'm back.

As I've recently got a Sony PSP, I've started to have a look to its file structures.

Here my first SFO.dll (, a library that extracts the info from the Savedata PARAM.SFO files.

I've created this library as I'm planning to create a SAVEDATA backup tool. Currently I'm just copying the folders inside the PSP savedata directory to a local directory on my PC. My idea is to have an "explorer like" application, able to synchronize my PSP files from/to my PC and displaying the information of the Savedata files like on the PSP itself.

For the moment only Savedata files are supported (CATEGORY = MS) as I don't have any file for the other categories to test with.

The dll contains both the ANSI and Unicode versions of the function.

I've uploaded a "library test" program (, just to show how the dll works.

Maybe someone owning the PSP could find this dll useful.

Anyway, I've submitted my source code mainly to have some suggestions on how my dll code could be optimized. So, any suggestion, really any, is more than welcome.

Posted on 2007-02-22 05:27:21 by Cip