A lot of the questions on this messageboard relate to APIs: where can I find an API to do this, what does the return value mean, general care and feeding, etc. A good resource for this,API-Guide, can be found at http://www.allapi.net. It is directed at VB programmers but is easily translated to ASM. Its just APIs so not much translation is necessary. You can find its companion tool, API-Toolshed, at the same site. Among other things the toolshed contains 31,000+ constants that are used in the APIs. Even you might find it worthwhile paying a visit, Hiroshi. They live right next door to you. Their snailmail address is in J.P. Minckelersstraat in Leuven.
Posted on 2001-12-27 15:54:56 by peterverstappen
that's like Larry Ellison calling Bill gates passing him in wealth by a 'hairsbreadth' :tongue:

I love this cartoon :grin:

Posted on 2001-12-27 16:02:34 by Hiroshimator
But I thought anywhere in Europe was within walking distance of any other place...
Posted on 2001-12-27 19:48:31 by peterverstappen