FASMLIB is multiplatform library for x86 (32 bit) ASM programmers. It is designed to be easy to and powerful (you often have simple and powerful versions of same function). It's purpose is to get programmer rid of annoying routine coding, and to allow to write multiplatform programs easily in assembler. Also it is designed to catch many bugs in code.

There is version for win32 and linux platforms. It has support for FASM, MASM, NASM and YASM. Support for other platforms and assemblers can be added, just contact me.

Current official release is version 0.5.0. Start with unpacking archive and reading file "doc/fasmlib.txt". It will point you further on how to use FASMLIB.

Official Website
download FASMLIB 0.5.0
Posted on 2007-03-04 13:41:37 by vid