ID_IN   ;it is the ID of an edit
szProfileName ;this is directory of the 'INI' file
szformat   db  "[%s]",0
if the SectionNames of the 'INI' file are????1?0????2?0????3?0?
local @szbuffer[256]:byte
local @szbuffer1[32760]:byte
local   @szbuffer1[32760]:byte
invoke  GetPrivateProfileSectionNames,addr @szbuffer1,sizeof @szbuffer1,addr szProfileName  
lea  esi,@szbuffer1
.while byte ptr
   invoke   wsprintf,addr @szbuffer,addr szformat,esi

  invoke  SendMessage,hwnd,ID_IN ,EM_REPLACESEL,@szbuffer,false

  invoke  lstrlen,esi

 add    esi,eax

 inc    esi


???I want to know the answer of the esi  is  the [???1?0????2?0????3?0]   or the  [???1]
or the [?]

Posted on 2007-03-06 22:50:44 by hero liu