have been a FAN of assembler for many years, and WIN32 is the best thing to happen in MANY years. I have visited Iczlion's WIN32 site MANY time, and lurked a bit on the forums. I decided after a while to register, and take part in things. I am NOT a joiner by nature, BUT there are exceptions. I like substance when it comes to social interaction, not idle banter, just to hear myself speak/write, or to kill a little time. That said, I may not post often, and I may not reply on a timely basis, but this does NOT mean I am ignoring the question, or being rude. I will, if asked a question, research it if it needs researching, and sometimes that takes time. No answer I come up with will be conjecture. However, an open mind creates solutions, conventional means would not. I have been "playing" at programming for well over 30 years, first computer was a CBM64, discovered assembler for the 6502, and was hooked. I do tend at times to "Find" information by the OLD school hack method, figuring things out as I go. In the process of examining Windows, I from time to time "Discover" a little about how the various components interact. While I don't think one single person could completly follow everything, many people MIGHT be able to contribute MANY small parts, that over time would/could create a VERY informed database of knowledge. While I am NOT the biggest fan of MS, It is what I am working with at this time, I plan on installing Linux when I obtain a larger drive. There is a company trying to market an operating system called Lindows, that is a Linux OS that RUNS native windows programs. I truly HOPE they suceed. I have rambled on a bit to much, so will end here.

Posted on 2001-12-27 17:46:04 by Anunitu
Welcome Anunitu,

You are going to find here a helpful and friendly place!!!
Posted on 2001-12-27 19:33:04 by CodeLover
discovered assembler for the 6502,

Good stuff! That's what i first learned on (on the Apple II), i still remember bits and pieces of it :)

You will have a lot of fun here, enjoy.
Posted on 2001-12-28 03:44:07 by sluggy