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HLA v1.89 is now available on Webster at:

This is the "official release" (as opposed to the "experimental release" that I did last week). Yes, it contains a few minor changes; whether it's worth a new download or not is up to you. Most of the changes had to do with TASM code generation and other issues discovered while working on the CFASM project.  If you use TBYTE data objects, there was some code generation corrections there, as well.

If you ever get confused about which version is which, just note that the official v1.89 release has build number 11864.

For those who didn't get a copy of the experimental version, here's what HLA v1.89 has to offer over v1.88:

* Eliminated #:id feature inside #asm..#endasm block (#asm is going
  away soon, too).
* Cleaned up USAGE message output for HLAPARSE.
* Modified HLAPARSE to default to -level=high.
* Fixed a problem with the -p:path command-line option.
* Added -LICENSE command line option (and text)
* Corrected a problem with the -level command-line option (HLA.EXE)

* Fixed a code generation for parameters when passing the address of
  a static object in a register.

* Fixed a code generation bug that caused a type mismatch when emitting
    an array of primitive types (e.g., bytes).
* Modified HLAPARSE so that it no longer automatically writes a .link
  file on each compile (will create the file if it does not exist or
  if the -@@ command-line option is specified).
* Added the -@@ command line option to HLA and HLAPARSE to force the
  creation of a new .link file, even if one already exists.

* Corrected OutValue so that it would properly emit TBYTE array constants.

* Fixed a problem with TASM code output. Wasn't generating code to push
    static addresses properly.

* Changed "flat" to "FLAT" in TASM skeletal output code to prevent '/ml'
  option from generating errors.

However, the biggest change is that HLAPARSE no longer produces a plethora of ".inc" files during assembly. Instead, the system creates a single ".asm" file that contains all the code and data. This will spare you a lot of clutter in your working directories. This feature is also the basis for HLA v1.90 which will combine the HLAPARSE.EXE program with FASM to directly produce .OBJ files without going through intermediate files on the disk.

Randy Hyde

Posted on 2007-03-18 17:56:02 by rhyde
Cheers :)
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