This is my first Masm32 OOP Program and it is from Jeffrey Richter's book:"Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows,Fourth Edition."
How easy but good it is that using OOP in Masm32!
Have a good day!
Posted on 2001-12-27 19:37:02 by smallwaves
Ahhhh now here is a real x-max presant! People putting our model to good use.... :grin:

smallwaves, Good Work!! I gave your souce a once over and it looks like your having no probs! Glad to see your getting it to work for you. Quick question tho, how was the learning curve (if any)? Or any sugestions what you think should change (if you have any)?

Posted on 2001-12-28 00:15:41 by NaN
I am very glag that you say it 's a good work,Thanks.

What is important to Masm32 OOP programming I think is that it should be more power when have bulit on the foundation of The three OOP technigche first.when I turned one C++ class to Masm class I realized that in Masm OOP is giving more space and more work to us,but it's not a big problem at all .C++ gives us more than three OOP techniche but Masm not,Do we need the same with C++,my answer is not very.

One of my ideas is that we could build a Masm32 Class Factory in the future and then we can improve our efficienty very much,Would it turn true?
My learn curve is your OOP examples and by them I realized how great you have done and how easy it is to use.
Thanks very much !
Posted on 2001-12-30 20:02:44 by smallwaves
Well Thomas has put his fair share of elbow-grease into the works as well (and still is ~ got more neat stuff comming), but thanx!.

Also, your comment "Masm32 Class Factory in the future and then we can improve our efficienty very much,Would it turn true?":

If i follow you correctly, then yes we are building an IDE type program to greatly reduce the overhead.. far better than the current "creator" tool anyways. Likewise we hope to eventually get a class library going of objects to use much like java (but not nearly as big ~~ need people developing if this were to happen, which is why im happy your getting into it :) )

Anywho have fun, and if you have any classes you would like to distribute please feel free to e-mail me and/or Thomas.

Have fun.
Posted on 2001-12-30 22:13:58 by NaN