I have decided to *finally* release the DynatOS Core source code into open source. All of the source code is written in assembly language, utilizing the Netwide Assembler (NASM) tool and its syntax. The entire code-base can currently be found on the SourceForge CVS.

There still is not much significant about the source code. At this point in time, it will probably provide more interest to other operating system developers than anyone else.

The DynatOS Core code-base should be considered Public Domain. However, due to the lack of universal acceptance of the Public Domain, I am required to apply a license that declares Public Domain equivalence while keeping the copyright clearly defined.

Feel free to pick apart the source... don''t forget to let me know what you think :)
Posted on 2007-04-14 15:29:48 by SpooK
I'm glad to hear that.
will DynatOS maintain monolithic kernel ? or what's your future plans ?
Posted on 2007-04-15 04:32:02 by Dite

I'm glad to hear that.
will DynatOS maintain monolithic kernel ? or what's your future plans ?

Thanks :)

Probably as monolithic as possible, I never liked the idea of wasting CPU cycles for stability that can be had by proper programming. I'm still entertaining the idea of an "exokernel" approach. This really depends how the actual kernel development goes.

However, this does not exclude the possibility of user-land services.

I guess we will see how further design is classified by these pre-defined terms. Right now, we can classify the kernel as "non-working" :P
Posted on 2007-04-15 07:47:52 by SpooK
I'll jump on this as soon as I've built my assembler :P
Posted on 2007-04-16 00:19:46 by Homer
Hi and congratulation!
In the 50. line of /core/init.asm use the ABI_SYSCALL name.
What is the ABI?

Posted on 2007-06-18 03:36:04 by Aku-Aku
Posted on 2007-06-18 06:02:18 by f0dder

Yep yep... I'm trying to use consistent naming conventions, pretty much already established... it sure beats coming up with new names for every single thing :)

The ABI in DynatOS is the equivalent mechanism that executes System Calls like in Linux or Windows. The ABI will probably be masked by the availability of a system library that can be dynamically linked to executables/processes for those who simply wish to do some standard application development.

There are a few immediate problems with the current CVS snapshot, beyond the fact that the source is a virtual mess. Biggest issue is with the "BARE" Interrupt Handler not manually updating the display since interrupts are disabled. I will try to upload a more complete source (i.e. at least a working memory manager) to the CVS by August ;)

Thanks for your interest in DynatOS :)
Posted on 2007-06-18 12:29:49 by SpooK