_FindFile    proc    uses edi    ebx _lpszPath
local    @stFindfile:WIN32_FIND_DATA
local    @hFindFile
local    @szPath:BYTE    ;''used to load?file path name\?
local    @szSearch:BYTE    ;''used to load?file path name\*.*?
local    @szFindFile:BYTE    ;''used to load?file path name\the found file path name?
local    @szbuffer:BYTE
invoke    GetDlgItemText,hDlg4,1000,addr @szbuffer,sizeof @szbuffer
invoke    lstrcpy,addr @szPath,_lpszPath
;add \*.*at the end of the file path
invoke    lstrlen,addr @szPath
lea    esi,@szPath
add    esi,eax
xor    eax,eax
mov    al,'\'
.if    BYTE  ptr != al
mov    WORD  ptr ,ax
invoke    lstrcpy,addr @szSearch,addr @szPath
invoke    lstrcat,addr @szSearch,addr szAll

invoke    FindFirstFile,addr @szSearch,addr @stFindFile
.if    eax !=    INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
mov    @hFindFile,eax
.while    eax !=0
invoke    lstrcpy,addr @szFindFile,addr @szPath
invoke    lstrcat,addr @szFindFile,addr @stFindFile.cFileName
.if    @stFindFile.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY
    .if    @stFindFile.cFileName != '.'
    invoke    _FindFile,addr @szFindFile
invoke    SetDlgItemText,hDlg4,110,addr @szFindFile
invoke    lstrcmp,addr @szbuffer,addr @stFindFile.cFileName ;@szbuffer used to load the file which the user want to find
    .if        eax == 0
    invoke    FindClose,@hFindFile
invoke    FindNextFile,@hFindFile,addr @stFindFile
.if    @hFindFile
invoke    FindClose,@hFindFile
_FindFile    endp

Posted on 2007-04-18 08:46:29 by hero liu
I want to find the file which was inputed in an edit box
for example:I want to find the file which named "text.mdb"
                and I know it is in the D:\
I uses the _FindFile function which was created by myself to find the file.
in the edit box ,i input "text.mdb" in the volumenumber edit box i input "D:\"

Now,I start to search,but when the function find the file "text.mdb",the function can't be run out.of course ,the _FindFile function is failed to search.

The output should be "D:\programfiles\login\text.mdb"
what should i  do ? can you help me !!!
thank you!!!
Posted on 2007-04-19 21:08:52 by hero liu
i think this example which in masm32pack will help you!

Posted on 2007-04-20 01:56:14 by benny
how do i to get the example?
My masm32 didnt have these example which you said
Posted on 2007-04-20 22:10:04 by hero liu
Many people are confused by the similarity of the names MASM and MASM32.

The MASM32 Package is an (apparently authorized) redistribution of the MASM package, it contains a number of items not found in the authentic MASM Package, such as a bunch of examples written around a helper library called 'm32lib'.

You can find the MASM32 Package at http://masm32.com
Posted on 2007-04-20 22:57:16 by Homer