Create a program that accepts four numbers as data. The program then prints the numbers in their original order, and then in reverse order.

I need help, well advice..
Posted on 2007-04-27 01:31:45 by CPUConfused
First piece of advice: pay attention in class, instead of slacking off and ending up in trouble near exams :)

The way it works around here is that you post the code you've tried to write, as well as point out where you're stuck... then somebody might help you. But people generally don't want to do your homework, especially not if you haven't shown any effort yourself.
Posted on 2007-04-27 06:08:02 by f0dder

Nice detection skills f0dder  :lol: 6 k posts worth of wisdom  :)

CPUConfused, put your heart into it, otherwise, you're a dead man at the exam ^^

Posted on 2007-05-03 22:45:58 by ChaperonNoir