I really like DLing the Algos, but my memory is not all that good, was wondering if someone could do a prog to Tack the forum, and thread into on or in tne DL ZIP. Probublem is after going through the code, or algo, I forget where I got it. In this way I wouldn't have to hunt for the post to comment on it. Perhaps a URL pointing to the forum, any ideas on this?


AHHH, just found the link back, problem solved, being new to the Board, I am still exploring, if you don't here from me, I may have gotten caught by a sticky web spider, If so, don't send Money, guns, and Lawyers...On second thought, forget the guns, shoot the lawyer, and send the money...:)
Posted on 2001-12-28 11:20:32 by Anunitu
Check out the search function -- real handy if you remember who posted in the same thread.

Why not allow a download search option?
Posted on 2001-12-28 13:24:47 by eet_1024