If there a command line tool to create a dependencies file?

I need this, because lately i been dividing my assembly files into 1 include for each function. That way I need to only navigate the function im interested. I put all the data on the main module asm file.

for example

.model flat,stdcall
include windows.inc
;Data goes here
include funOne.inc
include funTwo.inc
; etc ...


But when I make a change on one function, it does not compile until I add the file as a dependency. Since Im taking about 50 assembly files with about 200 function includes, its not fun and error prone doing this by hand. So I wonder, is there any tool to make automatic dependencies files to be use by nmake, or visual studio?
Posted on 2001-12-28 11:31:58 by dxantos
Posted on 2001-12-28 13:29:22 by eet_1024
If these functions only occasionally change, you might concider making a library of functions for yourself.

I don't know a tut offhand, but it's very simple to make one, just check out the masm32 lib in your package. It has the proper .asm files, a build bat file, and the .inc you need to define its exports.

This way, if you "include Mylib.inc" and "includelib mylib.lib" you will be assured you have it all.
Posted on 2001-12-29 10:25:04 by Ernie
Put one or more functions in separate asm files. Add the files to your project. When you link the project, the asm files will be automatically recompiled.
Posted on 2001-12-29 10:33:32 by Dr. Manhattan