Some interesting source code.
Posted on 2007-05-11 19:19:13 by skywalker
:DThanks for your code.I will try my best to read it
Posted on 2007-05-11 21:25:31 by ekin
You are welcome. Nice to see there are plenty of asm coders still going strong.

Posted on 2007-05-11 21:27:42 by skywalker
ASM is like having the ultimate Soduku/Crossword puzzle, where the possibilities are endless and the solutions are...well almost infinite.

Addictive hardly describes it.

ASM Anorak
Posted on 2007-05-11 21:57:53 by eek
1. It compiles OK after I had to fix some paths. Getting 4
  unresolved external link errors.

2. I am trying to get this to give an error text file. I even tried > error.log

\masm32\bin\Link /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /OPT:NOREF /OUT:error.log "%1.obj" rsrc.obj

;    Orig. WinAsm Code
; Filename: GUIFadeImage.asm
; Version 1.0
; Date/Author: 10.09.2005, dave (juniorsoft)
; Description: Source File for the GUI of the FadeImage - Test 
; application. This small app demonstrates how to
; integrate the FadeImageCtrl into your

; You can use, modify and copy this source file to

fit your
; needs, it's Freeware/OpenSource.

      .486                      ; create 32 bit code
      .model flat, stdcall      ; 32 bit memory model
      option casemap :none      ; case sensitive

      include    ; local includes for this file

WinMain proc n1:DWORD,n2:DWORD,n3:DWORD,n4:DWORD
jmp start
WinMain EndP


invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov    hInstance,eax
invoke LoadIcon,hInstance, IDI_ICON    ; icon ID
    mov hIcon, eax 
    invoke RegisterFadeImage
invoke DialogBoxParam, hInstance, addr sDlgName,NULL,addr DlgProc,NULL
invoke ExitProcess,0

; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; Procedure: DlgProc
; Parameter: hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam (def. DlgProc parameter)
; Version: 1.0
; Date/Author: 10.09.2005, dave (juniorsoft)
; Description: Dialog Message-Handler. We must implement this function.
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DlgProc proc hWnd2:HWND, uMsg:UINT, wParam:WPARAM, lParam:LPARAM
mov eax, hWnd2
mov hWndDlg, eax
  invoke SendMessage, hWndDlg, WM_SETICON, NULL, hIcon
  invoke SetWindowText,hWndDlg, addr sAppTitle
  invoke FillInfos
invoke CreateFadeImage,hWndDlg,IDB_MAINBMP,5,5
invoke SendMessage,hWnd2,WM_COMMAND,IDM_EXIT,0
.elseif uMsg==WM_DESTROY
  invoke DeleteObject,hBitmap
  invoke PostQuitMessage,NULL
mov eax,wParam
.IF lParam==0
invoke EndDialog, hWnd2,NULL
mov edx,wParam
shr edx,16
.if dx==BN_CLICKED
invoke SendMessage,hWnd2,WM_COMMAND,IDM_EXIT,0
invoke FadeOut
invoke FadeIn
mov eax,FALSE
mov eax,TRUE
DlgProc endp

; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; Procedure: FillInfos
; Parameter: (none)
; Version: 1.0
; Date/Author: 10.09.2005, dave (juniorsoft)
; Description: Load infos from to lables behind FadeImage
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
FillInfos proc
invoke GetDlgItem,hWndDlg,IDC_LBLCOMPANY
invoke SetWindowText,eax, addr sCompany
invoke GetDlgItem,hWndDlg,IDC_LBLPRODUCT
invoke SetWindowText,eax, addr sProduct
invoke GetDlgItem,hWndDlg,IDC_LBLVERSION
invoke SetWindowText,eax, addr sVersion
FillInfos EndP

end start

Posted on 2007-05-11 23:28:13 by skywalker
Hi skywalker
You can give links to EzProcess project web page while posting only compiled exe.

You can find source code and latest EzProcess version here:
EzProcess v1.82

AnyGIF project can be found here: AniGIF V1.0.4.0 - Simple and animated GIF custom control
Posted on 2007-08-17 07:45:20 by Jupiter
Thanks. My younger brother passed away last week at the age of 50.

It will be a while before I can work on it.

Posted on 2007-08-19 13:10:40 by skywalker