2007.05.17 Syser Debugger 1.9 Release

1. Added new commands: code,data,dex. (Compatible softice).
2. Fixed dump command bugs.
3. Fixed disassembled mov cr4,registers/mov registers,cr4 bugs.
4. Fixed "r esp" command bugs.
5. Fixed some bugs of sysboot.sys.
6. Fixed long API name bugs.
7. Fixed page command bugs.
8. Add new command: exitproc (Terminate Current Process).[2007.05.14]
9. Enhanced cpu and cpuid command.
10. Add new command: faults (Turn fault trapping on or off).
11. Supported more usb mouse.(logitech MX510 , G5 , G3 etc.)
12. Increase GDTR and IDTR, TR, LDTR Register to the Register Window.

Posted on 2007-05-17 07:42:06 by wuyanfeng