OK, it now should be safe to check out the event sink tutorial on my site.

Please, don't everyone rush there at once. I want an orderly line, no pushing or shoving or I will close the site and no one gets nothing!

So with that end done, the next logical step is to source events. I (finally!) got a method to do this straight in my head, a simple re-useable class that manages a single outgoing event. It supports IConnectioPoint in addition to a custom interface that holds the FireEvent method.

This should be very practable for re-use, as you just create a new event manager object for each event your object hosts. Hopefully, I will get an equally elegant solution for the IConnectionPointContainer interface.

And hey, you web browser guys, is this gonna help yas any?
Posted on 2001-12-28 18:04:27 by Ernie