I would like to learn MASM (and MASM32), yet I cannot seem to find ANY good resources. Iczelion's webpage is awesome, but it teaches me absolutely nothing outside of using functions that come with MASM32, which really doesn't teach me much. Such questions that I have are:

How do I open files? In DOS, it was moving 3d02h into AX, and pointing to the filename's string w/ DX, etc. Yet I see nothing in Win32 programming that details something such as this.

What are the Windows equivalents of DOS interrupts?

Sorry if I sound frustrated. :mad:
Posted on 2001-12-28 20:18:52 by skg
Win32 uses the API to do just about everything, including the things that you used to do with DOS interrupts. Get yourself a copy of WIN32.HLP, Iczelion has one on his site (there are a few different versions around). Or better yet, use MSDN for the absolute latest info.

The following page on MSDN lists the file I/O APIs. You normally use CreateFile in Win32 to open files, even input files that already exist.


Posted on 2001-12-28 23:39:02 by S/390
...and learn about STDcall convention...

The only way to achieve the goal is fight.
Posted on 2001-12-29 20:36:12 by ti_mo_n
Windows doesn't allow DOS interrupts, though I think it's possible to use one(I just don't know how :( )

Just try to type in the code, even try memorizing it...You might get the hang of it...

Posted on 2001-12-30 01:47:58 by stryker