Is anyone using a clipboard extension program for copying multiple things and more? Who uses what and why?
Posted on 2007-06-14 12:47:01 by JimmyClif
I've tried it, and I find it utterly inconvenient.

P.S. It is useful only when you have to make some long sequence, of repeating chunks of data. Lip-syncing  in anime/cartoons, for instance (by using  4-7 videoframes of lips-position). For now this is the only necessary repeating data, that I can think of.
All other "viable examples" I can think of, are ways to surpass limitations in data-editing applications, where the mentioned limitations would be considered bugs by any sane programmer.
Posted on 2007-06-14 13:59:33 by Ultrano
I absolutely could not work without ClipCache plus
Posted on 2007-06-14 14:33:11 by JimG
JimG, you forgot to mention why you use it, in what type of operations. JClif probably needs as much info as possible.
Posted on 2007-06-14 14:46:15 by Ultrano
No, it's alright... As there are millions out there and I just installed one after another before asking I take any hint towards a good one.

I'd be happy already if someone knew one where I could do "cut" "cut" "cut" "paste" "paste" "paste" and having as first paste the last cut, the second paste the second last cut and so on and so forth.
Posted on 2007-06-14 15:21:16 by JimmyClif
In ClipCache, you would paste the last n items copied/cut by selecting form paste/number of items and they are pasted in the reverse order just like you wanted-
Posted on 2007-06-14 19:24:04 by JimG