Hi all,
Since I'm tired of writing out the text and trying to align it perfectly I've decided that it would be best to ask others what resource editors everyone uses and where one might find it...

I'm looking for free resource editors specifically...


ps. I used to use Visual studio, but since my last hard drive was lost I have been without one :(
Posted on 2001-12-29 01:23:48 by Sliver
Here is one: http://www.sicomponents.com/rbldr.html (sorry, wrote in delphi)

You can get VS.Net (beta 2) with last months Dot.Net magazine for a couple bucks at the magazine rack - it comes with all the VS stuff you have used before. Have you Google'D?

I've been using RadASM for the last couple of months.

Edit: You can do quite a bit with this tool:
Posted on 2001-12-29 01:37:59 by bitRAKE
Symantec Resource Studio, its free and does everything you need.

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Posted on 2001-12-29 02:16:44 by czDrillard
I use the dialog editor of Borland C++ 5.02. I have used just about every one and this one is the best I have found. It is not stand alone but is part of the IDE but I believe the IDE can be run right from the cd without a complete installation.
Here is a link where you can purchase :

Posted on 2001-12-29 05:10:03 by jcfuller
I use VisualBasic and convert the frm files with my FRM2ASM tool to ASM code :grin:
Posted on 2001-12-29 06:01:00 by bazik