There are some good Custom Common Controls built by RadASM Community, such as RA-Edit, SpreedSheet, and WebBrowser.
Among them, I think WebBroser Control could be most useful, because we can use that not only to display webpage but also show Flash video, PDF, WMV,...and so on.
When I first see the demo file of .Net which enables us easily add a WebBrowser control, I think that's great. And hope that there is also an easy way to accomplish that withot .Net.
But usually using WebBroser Control without .net or MFC or VB is not so easy, because we have to use COM to accomplish that.
Fortunately, there is also a WebBrowser control in RadASM's Resource editor which allow us to add a web control with only a few drags and drops. But what a pity is that the user have to manually key in the URL.
And it seems that the programers are unable to assign the URL in their code, because I can only find AdrCaption and AdrCombo in the property window that look have somthing to do with the URL.
But the two property are all boolean type: True or False. I can't find any way to let the WebBroser to display a webpage  like "c:\test.htm" in my source code.
Can anyone kindly tell me how to program the  RadAsm's WebBrowser Control in order to display the webpage automatically assigned by the program without having to key in the web address manually when it runs?
Posted on 2007-07-29 21:34:28 by guidry
Now I got the solution by looking into source code of Custctl package. Just use something like the follwing in your code:
invoke SendDlgItemMessage, hWin, IDC_WBR1, WBM_NAVIGATE, 0, offset szYourURL
Then the URL is set automatically!!!
Posted on 2007-07-30 20:14:17 by guidry