When I choose to assemble and/or link using MASM, how can I display it's output results to my own window (other than DOS Prompt)? _Shawn
Posted on 2001-01-24 00:20:00 by _Shawn
yep, sure can, look at Icztutes\Tute21, for a good example
Posted on 2001-01-24 02:22:00 by WeEd
You could change your IDE to using Ultra Edit8 (worth the investment). I have a separate output window, linked to a tool-bar button to toggle its display or not.. (totaly customized to you liking).. You and get syntax highlighting off the web (dl a text file off the web page).. as well as ez color and font options (I like programming in DOS's black background ~ white kills my eyes), excellect print menu with customizable print fonts/size. Up to 10 customizable functions that passes window'ed parameters to the functions (ie file name/path etc..) these function butons point to the build.bat in my masm dir, as well as the rc.exe... (and their ouptuts are linked back to the separate output window..) To further this feature, any errors returned in the output window showing a line number will jump to the line of code by double clicking on that error message.. Each function button is set up with a command path, and a working path such you can call a bat file in the command and save the results to your working path (keeps the masm32/bin dir from getting messy) I also have an old diary type program that i have been logging interesting posts into, as a lookup journal for when i feel the need to check out somthing i once read. This is one of my programed function buttons) Long story short, it hasnt failed me yet with my ideas.... NaN
Posted on 2001-01-25 01:32:00 by NaN