Greetings. I'm new to Windows programming, but I've been playing with PC ASM since the days of the 8088. Before that I did a fair amount of 6502 micro ASM on an Atari-800, the same CPU as the old Apple-II. I've been a System/360-370-390 mainframe assembly language programmer since 1971. So much for my intro, on to the question. What's up with the different versions of import libs? I downloaded MASM32, and it contains KERNEL32.LIB, for example. I also have Visual Studio 6.0, which also comes with KERNEL32.LIB. But they are quite different! MASM32 - 687,536 bytes VS-6.0 - 175,226 bytes What are the differences? Can I use the VS version, since it's also newer? Also, can I find the version of a LIB, except for the date? Thanks in advance for your help. And this is a great site!!!!!
Posted on 2001-01-25 04:44:00 by S/390
s/390, Glad to see a few mainframe men left. The libraries supplied with MASM32 are from the PLATFORMSDK and are current to win98/NT4, the later ones tend to support the later OS versions but the earlier ones run fine in the later systems. Just as a precaution, I would get used to the ones that come with it first, you can sometimes get the odd incompatibility by mixing them. If you need the later functions, I would be inclined to get the latest platformsdk libraries if you need them, they are usually later than the VC versions. Regards and Good luck,
Posted on 2001-01-25 21:21:00 by hutch--
Thanks hutch--. I guess I'll use the libs that come with MASM32 for now. It just seems kinda silly to have 2 copies of the "same" set of libs. But hey, what's 20 meg to an 8 gig drive... Maybe after I learn a little more about how windows works, I'll try playing with the other libs. Thanks again!!!
Posted on 2001-01-26 23:12:00 by S/390
Hello again. Well hutch, I changed my mind, and the reason is the "odd incompatibility" that you mentioned. It is quite possible that I could write a MASM routine that I will call from one of the Visual Studio languages. So to minimize the odds of a compatibility problem, I've deceided to use the VS libs. I deleted the libs and incs that came with MASM32, and ran L2INCA against the VS libs to recreats the incs. A couple of path changes to point to the libs on my D drive, and all is working well so far! Just thought you would like to know.
Posted on 2001-01-29 03:46:00 by S/390
Yeah sure only so you have to own a legal copy of VS (Visual Studio i presume)... what if you dont
Posted on 2001-02-04 08:15:00 by BogdanOntanu
BogdanOntanu, What's your point? Are you saying that the import libs that ship with VS are somehow not redistributable, implying that my program linked with those libs is also not? Wouldn't the same hold true for a C++ program developed using VS? And those that ship with the SDK are? I would find that hard to believe. Isn't the whole point of a .lib, after all, to make an interface available to a programmer? :)
Posted on 2001-02-04 09:58:00 by S/390
Guys, VC++ has to be purchased, what you write with it is your own business and if you use the libraries with it, you have already paid for the right to use and redistribute the CODE that is written using those libraries, the libraries themselves are NOT redistributable at all, they are commercial software. The PLATFORMSDK can be downloaded and the M$ EULA gives you the right to use them in the same way. I have the Whistler version of the PLATFORMSDK on order from M$ because it takes too long to download the platformsdk but if you have the platformsdk which is later than the release version of VC++, they are yours to use as you like. regards,
Posted on 2001-02-05 06:49:00 by hutch--