Has anyone got any info on how to access the ports(hardware) on windows nt? I'm especially interested in the parrallel port. thanks GeO
Posted on 2001-01-25 09:43:00 by GeO
WinIO can do this. It includes a dll for win9x and a driver for NT/2k which allows you to have raw access to port I/O like you would with IN and OUT in dos. WinIO is available at www.internals.com I've made a masm addition to winio, asmio. You can download it at my site: exagone.cjb.net Thomas
Posted on 2001-01-25 09:59:00 by Thomas
Hi, I made a prog which uses WinIO (thanks to the programmer who made it) and you can send bytes on the parallel port on the DATA PINs. It activates 5 Volts to the DATA 0 to 7. at www.vombonjour.fr.st Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2001-01-28 11:08:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()