I am tring to make a hyperlik which will go to myhomepage when user clicks on it and when mouse over the link, link color and text style will be changed and some had cursor will eb displayed.I have only achived cursor thing.I have seen 3 example on this subject one is from betrayed which is static like my one and one which use dll for this and last is I have downloaded from Iczelion site but is is for menu and I cant translate it.Could anyone help me.Thanks.
Posted on 2001-01-26 20:19:00 by erkhul
I have created a some what newer example, it is not the best code in the entire world but it will work and get you where you need to be. http://betrayedgod.virtualave.net/resolver.zip This has the updated hyperlink window.
Posted on 2001-01-26 21:55:00 by Betrayed