Greetings, How do you display a GIF or a JPEG on a created dialog box or in a created window? Thanks!
Posted on 2000-11-10 03:17:00 by clip
Windows only has native support for .bmp. To display pictures in other formats, you need to decode them into DIB format first.
Posted on 2000-11-10 06:47:00 by Iczelion
Anyone knows about some tuts on decoding them? PS: Iczelion: How about an optional cookie to remember your username and email adress? (I'm sucha lazy bastard :) ) Regards, JC
Posted on 2000-11-10 08:13:00 by JimmyClif
check out for docs on the file formats. there might even be some source code for them.
Posted on 2000-11-11 16:34:00 by Sloat
Hi As far as I know, X-Calibre has made a fast GIF decoder, which he states is faster than UPX. I have never used, so I cannot tell you the quality of it. Promethee made JPEGLib, a really small JPEG decoder. It does not support all the variations of the JPEG format, but I really like it. Its amazing. I think you can find promethee's JPEGLib on I doubt X-Calibre has made his GIF loader public, so you will have to ask him yourself. comrade
Posted on 2000-11-13 19:11:00 by comrade