I am trying to add about menu to my dialog but it doesnt work.I can see the about menu but it doesn't show messagebox caption db "About",0 defname db "About" ,0 info db "Test",0 IDC_Sit = 1009 _wmcommand: mov eax, _wParam cmp ax, IDC_Sit jz sit sit: push 0 push offset caption push offset info push __hWnd call MessageBoxA mov eax,-1 ret -------<<<<......>>>> call GetSystemMenu, __hwnd, FALSE mov esi, eax mov edi, offset DeleteMenu call edi, esi, SC_RESTORE, MF_BYCOMMAND call edi, esi, SC_MAXIMIZE, MF_BYCOMMAND call edi, esi, SC_SIZE, MF_BYCOMMAND call AppendMenuA,esi,MF_STRING,IDC_Sit,offset defname call DrawMenuBar, __hwnd Thanks for any reply
Posted on 2000-11-10 19:36:00 by LaptoniC
I'm guessing that a system menu generates a WM_SYSCOMMAND instead of a WM_COMMAND. I know that's the case for the minimize, maximize, and close menu items.
Posted on 2000-11-10 20:42:00 by ub1
Thanks it works
Posted on 2000-11-11 18:58:00 by LaptoniC