Everytime I put the following line in my .data section of my file I immediatly get an error. The line is: wsadata WSAData <> Gives me a syntax error every time I assemble. I have included all the LIBs and include files needed (wsock32.inc and wsock32.lib) Any ideas ? Thanks, Devin.
Posted on 2000-11-10 19:45:00 by drsmith
well, the fault is mine. In my winsock tutorial, I used WSAData but in the current windows.inc, it's WSADATA.
Posted on 2000-11-10 20:14:00 by Iczelion
Its cool.. Now it works. Thanks, I should have checked the file though..
Posted on 2000-11-10 22:21:00 by drsmith
Just a tip here, you'd rather put your wsadata symbol to the .data? section. It will save you space to put symbols in the unitialized data section. comrade
Posted on 2000-11-13 19:13:00 by comrade