ok following problem i have one main Dialog and then i create a child Dialog with CreateDialogParam,hInst,IDD_DLG,hMainDlg,addr DlgProc,NULL if the mouse hovers over this dialog a tooltip should be shown CreateWindowEx, ... bla bla works fine mov ti.cbSize,sizeof TOOLINFO mov ti.uFlags,TTF_IDISHWND m2m ti.hWnd,hMainDlg m2m ti.uId,hChildDlg mov ti.lpszText,offset szText invoke SendMessage,hwndTool,TTM_ADDTOOL,0,addr ti but after i've added a tool with this code above no tooltip is shown. Whats wrong ?
Posted on 2000-11-12 11:23:00 by StaRik
This may be a little late but in my code szText is a macro... mov ti.lpszText,offset szText So it would have to point to a db variable instead. Just a thought HTH
Posted on 2000-11-16 14:23:00 by Raeldin