I want to be able to messure the output of a .wav file and display it in a graph or progress bar, like winamp. How do i get the values to put in a progress bar (du meter). Tks in advance. SD.
Posted on 2000-11-14 22:18:00 by Sir Dan
First, you get the .wav file format. I never looked, but I would assume it's really just the binary sample value for each sample instant, plus a header for sample rate, stereo/mono, etc. So once you can parse a wav file you need to determine how to display it. A simple "VU" meter is easiest, set a timer to make an 'update meter' event, grab the samples since last update, compute the average or peak, and set the display. Doing something fancy like a spectrum graphic band display is tougher, as you need to calculate these frequencies via a fourier transform. College calculus was way too long ago for me to even remeber how to start working this. Next: How to cure all sickness in the world: First. become a doctor, discover a marvelous new cure for something, then tell everyone what to do, and make sure they get it all right.
Posted on 2000-11-15 02:29:00 by TTom