I get a very strange error - which I cannot figure out why it happens. Anyone any ideas? My code compiles fine. But the problem is running it. If I run it from Hutch's QEditor (using the menu option) it will work, no problem, everything is great. The error occurs when I try to run the EXE by clicking on it directly; I just get the following error. -- The instruction at "0x77e8af3b" referenced memory at "0x0010cc98". The memory could not be "read". -- As far as I know, 0x77e8af3b is WAY too high to be in my code - so it is probably in some DLL. I'm not quite sure where abouts the memory is - it could be in my variables, but then wouldn't it be readable? The other thing is that this error only happens on WinNT and not on Win9x!! (I would like to use the app on both) So, I'm not sure if it is anything to do with my code per se. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Tedd ;0)~
Posted on 2000-11-15 05:44:00 by Tedd
Ted, Qeditor uses the older form "WinExec" to run external programs if this is of any use to you. I have never seen this problem before so I wonder if there is something in the code that is win 9x specific that NT does not like. There are a few things that come to mind in terms of differences. Code assembled with ML.EXE will normally run on everything from early win 95 to WinME so it should not be a problem of that type. It sounds like a system DLL is the problem so make sure your installation of NT is working correctly. Also check which service pack you are using as ther have been problems with different versions. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2000-11-15 07:05:00 by hutch--
WOHOO!!! ..... I fixed it. For anyone who's interested... I managed to track the exception down to the "RegisterClassExA" function in "User32.dll" Looking in the Win32API docs it does say that this function is implemented on NT - which it is, but it doesn't seem to be very stable {I'm using version 4} So I changed it to use just use "RegisterClass" (without the 'Ex') and everything works fine. So now I'm :) ...I still don't see why it worked through QEd and not directly... but hey, it's Microsoft!!!
Posted on 2000-11-16 06:10:00 by Tedd