I don't expect many if any to answer, but how would I create a API simmilar to DirectDraw?
Posted on 2000-11-17 00:59:00 by real_man
Just create a DLL. Code your own export functions and export them in your .def file. Distribute the dll along with the include(header) file and the import lib.
Posted on 2000-11-17 05:04:00 by Iczelion
Umm ok. How would I make my api say draw a pixel to the screen without writing a vxd? Is it even possible. I think I might just give up the idea completely.
Posted on 2000-11-17 15:07:00 by real_man
if u wanna have direct access to hardware then u have to use vxd... but take care that u shoul know to use/programm hardware from all available video boards...this will take a while..if u even make it :) if u wanna make your API on top of directdraw or on top of windows VMM manager then u can use a simple .dll as Iczelion sugests Bogdan
Posted on 2000-11-18 07:43:00 by BogdanOntanu
Ok, thanks guys. For now I am just gonna use DirectX/OpenGL :) It seems the wisest decision without wasing my life trying to make an api.
Posted on 2000-11-18 13:38:00 by real_man