Hi guys, How can i get the sin and cos value of a no in asm. Also is there any way i can get the borland cpp compiler to compile my prog without adding any extra (crap) apis like masm does so as to get a small file size. I know the second question is not concerned with asm but i am not getting the ans anywhere. thankx.
Posted on 2000-11-17 01:54:00 by prash
You can use the FPU. I think you can do something like this: fld varAngle fsincos (assumes varAngle is in radians. If varAngle is in degrees, convert is to radians first.) fstp varSin fstp varCos
Posted on 2000-11-17 04:46:00 by username
fld varAngle ;if varAngle is a float fild varAngle ;if varAngle is a DWORD ;but the result will be a float
Posted on 2000-11-17 06:14:00 by (scalp)