I have a new problem, I know how to put a text in an EditBox, But I have a number to put into. Do I must convert my Hex number --> text or is an API existing to do that? plus...
Posted on 2000-11-20 12:03:00 by Morgatte
salut le froggie there' s an api to convert a number to a string, wsprintfA the thing is (for masm) : invoke wsprintfA,addr buffer,addr formatstring,NUMBER formatstring db '%x',0 (or %X for an hex number in caps)
Posted on 2000-11-20 12:53:00 by roy
In masm32.lib there is the function dw2hex (or similar, I'm at work so I can't check :( ). It converts a DWORD to hex as a string, as its part of the masm32.lib the source is provided if you want to convert it to use other values (I made a ptr2hex based on it (which I can get the source for if you REALLY want) and I'm and idiot :P !). The code is fairly self explanetory apart from one (magic) bit, but the comments are helpful! Mirno
Posted on 2000-11-20 13:22:00 by Mirno
Is that function there yet? I remember when I needed a number to hex function the MASM32 lib didn't have it yet, so I wrote one. I don't believe hutch released a new edition of masm for the rest of you to have this yet, so bug hutch dirctly (and politely too). I'm not home this week to have it to send or I would. The code itself isn't bad at all, maybe a dozen lines to do the complete conversion. However, this routine also adds a nice trailing 'H' to indicate the hex formet. BTW, as I remember, hutch named it DW2AH (dword to ascii hex).
Posted on 2000-11-20 20:43:00 by TTom