Hi this is a VERY stupid question, but I was wanting to do some DX8 programming in assembly... My question is that I've read in the MSDN that I can embed asm into my program with __ASM tags in Visual Studio 6...I'm assuming if I do this, I don't need to have any .inc files as I can use the regular DX8 header files...correct??? Is there any difference between using the embedded __ASM tag and an external MASM page?? Did I make any sense?? I hope so... thanks in advance, Wazoo
Posted on 2000-11-21 18:19:00 by wazoo69
wazoo69, _asm{ ; write you ASM yukkies here } Its just inline assembler in C like normal. Look up the syntax in you C compiler documentation for its particular notation, the rest is straight assembler mnemonics. hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2000-11-21 18:50:00 by hutch--
thanks Hutch! Will do! :) Wazoo
Posted on 2000-11-21 23:27:00 by wazoo69
You can do DX straigt into asm, but it takes effort! I've only done a conversion of a DX7 example (not DX8 _yet_!), the main problems are: 1) You need to get the constants for EVERY thing! 2) You need to get the function offsets for the COM stuff. If you've got VC++ then you can easily find out the constants: int i = ; cout << i << endl; As for (2) there is a good page on COM in ASM by TTom, this should give you all you need to know (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ernies_world/a.htm or http://here.is/ComInAsm)
Posted on 2000-11-22 05:39:00 by Mirno