Does anyone please have few tips or better source code about an edit control with color syntax highlitgh ? Thx
Posted on 2000-11-22 03:34:00 by Maurice
finrst, you create a rich edit control. Then, you use it's find functions to find the strings and then you can change their color.
Posted on 2000-11-22 21:10:00 by Hel
Don't waste your time with the Richtext control. Use CodeMax a fantastic syntax highlighting control. free with source too! Want to see an example? Look at Justin Decker's VisualAsm he use's it. He doesn't give credit to the creator of CodeMax like he should!
Posted on 2000-11-25 02:10:00 by Jon
I have written a richedit editor that has syntax highlighting that I use for my assembler programming. It's far from perfect, but I like it. If you want to look at it I will send you the exec and if you like it I will send you the source. I should clean up the code a little and put it on Iczelion's web page.
Posted on 2000-11-25 23:19:00 by Ewayne