I'm not sure if this one has been taken up yet or has been a part of a tutorial... It's about creating a menu without the use of resources(.rc/.res) files.

Just download from this link, since as of this writing, I cannot post attachments.

http://briefcase.yahoo.com/egi12 then click on the asm folder then download inca.zip

Since most of the users here uses MASM, i'm sure you can translate this one(it's in TASM ideal mode). I commented the part on how to create the menu(it's between the RegisterClassEx and CreateWindowEx). Though it's poorly commented, i'm sure anyone can follow my style of coding. :)

for TASM users, instead of using import32.lib you can use the the lib files included, its in OMF format, so don't worry.

This project is still incomplete(early stages). It's about translating the WINDOWS.inc file that was bundled together with the MASM package to a more "friendly" version, for use with pure TASM's ideal mode :) . Since, using the WINDOWS.inc that was provided with the MASM package, isn't friendly with the TASM assembler(version 5.0r).

Also, creating menus, icons without using resources will greatly reduce the filesize and performance(I think, just a theory :-) ).

Posted on 2001-12-29 17:26:35 by stryker

It's about creating a menu without the use of resources(.rc/.res) files.

Great! One of the things I always wanted to have a look at, but never found the time to actually do it ... After minor adaptations, your source compiled nicely in the MASM32 environment. The executable has 3072 bytes. Thanks a lot!

Posted on 2001-12-29 19:47:18 by Frank
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This one is more "somewhat optimize", the one above is the original. INCA means "Include Alignment" :)
Posted on 2001-12-30 01:28:07 by stryker