Anyone know a good way to use common dialog to open a color chooser and retrieve the selected color? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Posted on 2000-11-22 15:38:00 by mc
.data? CColor CHOOSECOLOR <> CustomColors dd 16 dup(?) ; for storing custom colors ..... .code ..... mov CColor.lStructSize,sizeof CHOOSECOLOR push hWnd pop CColor.hwndOwner push hInstance pop CColor.hInstance mov CColor.lpCustColors,offset CustomColors mov CColor.Flags,CC_ANYCOLOR invoke ChooseColor,addr CColor
Posted on 2000-11-22 19:40:00 by Iczelion
Worked perfectly, thanks a bunch Iczelion.
Posted on 2000-11-22 22:27:00 by mc