Does someone know how to make a chat program between 2 PC in a local network.(like Winchat with Windows95) Thank everybody who answer me.
Posted on 2000-11-22 16:32:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Here's a program by cruehead (Sorry it's in TASM) that does that: (Go one table down from the com terminal program. Unfortunately TiTi didn't provide a refering link to Crue's proggy)
Posted on 2000-11-22 19:33:00 by Al Leitch
Cruechat is also available from my site. in the source code section
Posted on 2000-11-22 19:42:00 by Iczelion
Hello, I have got a small chat client written in MASM32 by SCubed (I hope it is ok if I offer it). You can download it from my website under Code Snippets Hope this helps you So long Happy Coding Stefan
Posted on 2000-11-24 13:28:00 by Stefan Krause
Stefan Krause, I went to your site to get the chat program but it is not there. You will get a 404 error. Also, the links are kinda hard to read on your site. Thanks, Devin.
Posted on 2000-11-24 16:01:00 by drsmith
Hi ! I've written a small chat program. It's a client-server model and is able to handle more client connected to the same server. You can specify the IP address and the listening port. ( It's written in NASM, though ) If anybody intrested, drop me a mail and I'll send You. Bye
Posted on 2000-11-25 05:32:00 by Banyos
Hello all, I just sent a mail to vom-bonjour:-() The problem was that the file was called and the link wanted I fixed it right now! To come to drsmith! What do you suggest as color to use in links section? Note that I don't want to start a big discussion here. I will set up a guest book tomorrow (I hope so). You can drop me a line there! So long Happy Coding Stefan
Posted on 2000-11-26 16:28:00 by Stefan Krause
go to microsofts site and look for Visual Basic chat program code. It's there and it's easy to read and translate.
Posted on 2001-02-16 08:02:00 by Hiroshimator
If you're interested in COM, try translating into MASM32 the code for the COM-based chat program in Appendix B of Don Box's book "Essential COM". This would be quite challenging! (Hmm .. maybe this should go into the COM forum.)
Posted on 2001-02-20 13:38:00 by Xmas