hi, how to change the main windows (created with CreateWindowEx) background color? but during runtime not in wc.hbrBackground! and i want to change the color with "real" colors, not smth like COLOR_WINDOW+1 can someone help me?
Posted on 2000-11-23 13:34:00 by [SaFc0n]
Safcon, Use the API call SetClassLong() and change the value of GCL_HBRBACKGROUND to the colour that you need. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2000-11-23 18:39:00 by hutch--
ok, tnx hutch--. when i wanted to change the color once, i did smth like that: invoke GetStockObject,BLACK_BRUSH mov wc.hbrBackground, eax i think that i do it with GetStockObject this time too, but where can i look up the constants for the colors? perhaps you have some, i need only the basic colors. tnx
Posted on 2000-11-24 07:29:00 by [SaFc0n]
SaFc0n, Just replace a call invoke GetStockObject,BLACK_BRUSH to invoke CreateSolidBrush, 00bbggrrh ; // brush color value Blue Green Red John
Posted on 2000-11-25 21:31:00 by John
hey it works! tnx
Posted on 2000-11-26 06:52:00 by [SaFc0n]