How can prevent from pressing the 3 keys: Ctrl+Alt+Supp ????? (in French we say Supp but in English or American I think it's Del but you understand) Thanks for everybody who answer me. PS:My personnal pages is on : There are some examples of programs I 've made... vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2000-11-23 17:00:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
try to call SystemParametersInfo with the SPI_SETSCREENSAVEACTIVE parameter. not sure whether this works unter nt/2k but it'll disable ctrl-alt-del under 9x (if I remember correctly it also disables task-switching via alt-tab)
Posted on 2000-11-24 04:11:00 by tola
Hi Here is how i do it in my game :) I disable the windows message loop :) et voila no more Ctrl_Alt_Del I then use DirectInput to read keyboard and filter out any key i dont like or use. When i want to enable Alt+Tab or Ctrl_Alt_Del i reenable win message loop :) I can easy do it in my game...however it can be unpractical to do it in a non-full screen application (i use DirectInput and DirectDraw)
Posted on 2000-11-24 16:31:00 by BogdanOntanu