Hi! I'm using a standard bitmap file as a texture in an OpenGL program. When I load it via resource script, everything works fine. The disadvantage: The resource is somewhat "open": When I load my program with the tool "Exescope", I can see in the "resources tab" my bitmap. Is there a way to hide resources? I've tried to convert the bitmap with bin2db and included the resulting script to an assembler project. The size of the program is the same, but I didn't figure out how to load that converted bitmap. Is that way a good idea or is it memory-wasting? Can anybody help me? Thanx stem
Posted on 2000-11-24 04:05:00 by Stem
a idea can be to include the bitmap with every bit xor by a number, then when you load it, you just have to xor each bit. It's just a idea, but i may works...
Posted on 2000-11-24 05:52:00 by (scalp)