well finaly got my client to connect to my server and when i tryed to send text to the server it returned an error of 0 (which means the the remote socket has been closed) why did it close if no closesocket function was called? and how do i sucessfuly get the data? any ideas would be welcomed.
Posted on 2000-11-26 18:57:00 by rage9
example,I am often mistake part of Socket works, invoke accept SockHandle , SockAddressPointer , SockAddressStructSizeVariablePointer important point , SockAddressStructSizeVariable must be have value "Sizeof SOCKADDR" before accept function. if missed value it , you will see socket able connect , but send or recive not useable. even , socket going broken. i wish my write give help to you. good luck .. (Sorry , my english is very short T_T)
Posted on 2000-11-26 21:38:00 by DAMGI