I'm trying to make an ftp client in windows using winsock. I know that an ftp server uses one port to communicate to the client with a telnet protocol and another to send data, so I thought I would first create a telnet client first. The problem is I don't know how. I think I know how to connect and send packets using winsock but I don't know what I would be sending and what I would be receiving. can someone help me out?
Posted on 2000-11-28 19:19:00 by Satrukaan
You would send a connect request to the ftp host, then if they accept the connection you can then send ftp commands such as PAS or DIR or CD etc. try this page for winsock help and ftp help... http://www.faqs.org - You can get the winsock hlp file from this site under tutorials
Posted on 2000-11-28 21:06:00 by moxy
read RFC 959 it explains the FTP protocol
Posted on 2000-11-30 12:06:00 by Zynaps