can ne1 supply information on how to access the harddisk's fat tables - i'm working on a backup system and am getting blue screened when i access sector number 6eh, if i skip it its ok though ;(... need urgently.... even 16 bit dos info would help.... thx
Posted on 2000-11-29 03:17:00 by tippex
This should help you :-) --------------------------- Team2k PC Development Team:
Posted on 2000-11-29 15:26:00 by Al Leitch
To directly acess a logical drive or physical disk, you have to lock it using int 21h functions. To do this under Win32 in an application you have to use CreateFile to load the VWin32.VxD device driver. The using DeviceIoControl you can call most(if not all, including direct disk acess functions) Ring 0 disk acess interupts. For more documentation on this, seach the msdn developers library (At click on the library menu up the top, if search is there, use that (i cant remember) or click on Windows 2000 and then on Documentation in the Table of Contents menu that comes up, then search.
Posted on 2000-12-01 00:30:00 by George