Hi, Is the ComboBox editable as a EditBox ?? or is it only to display items similar to a ListBox ? I do understand that it could be editable only when the window is up - when the pulldown is closed. Any snipet or hint is welcome. Thanks John
Posted on 2000-11-29 04:01:00 by John
hm nope the combo will show u only items u canīt edit them what kind of code do ya need (how to create a combo box ?) ?
Posted on 2000-11-29 10:13:00 by Allanon
You can have it both ways. It can be edited or it can be set to read only.
Posted on 2000-11-29 10:21:00 by Hel
Programmer's Reference stating: COMBOBOX Depending on the style of the combo box, the user can or cannot edit the contents of the selection field. I create COMBOBOX this way. invoke CreateWindowEx,WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE,ADDR cmbBox,0, WS_CHILD or WS_BORDER or \ CBS_HASSTRINGS or CBS_DROPDOWNLIST or WS_VSCROLL, a,b,wd,ht,hParent,ID,hInstance,NULL What is wrong? How to make it editable? John
Posted on 2000-11-29 17:01:00 by John
Hi, OK Allanon, Combo will show items and edit them! Hel was right, but not much help :-) It is working and if you want a snippet just email me. John
Posted on 2000-11-30 02:49:00 by John