Hi I've created a combobox inside a dialog. Now when I display the dialog under the WM_CREATE message I add 4 strings to the combobox. So far so good. Now if I click on the arrow on the right of the combo box no list drops down! But when it's got focus I can press the up and down key to pick through my four added choices and even retrieve the current selection and set the current selection. But it just doesn't show the list. What's wrong? Any examples of how to fix this? Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-01 23:52:00 by cyberben
It's a classic combobox "error". Check your resource script: I bet the height of the combobox is about that of the combobox part itself, not including the listbox part. Normally when you use a resource editor to put a combobox on a dialog, you should click on the dialogbox and drag the mouse to create the rectangle that specifies the actual size of the combobox. Now when you release the mouse button, the rectangle will snap itself back to the size of the combobox BUT the resource editor will obtain the size of the combobox PLUS the listbox part correctly.
Posted on 2000-12-02 01:05:00 by Iczelion
Thanks Iczelion! I had emailed you about this before, but I guess I just didn't understand it yet. I got it now! Tonight has been really good got my program doing everything I was hoping for except for the internet update part... Thanks again, Ben
Posted on 2000-12-02 01:22:00 by cyberben