Hi, ComboBox in Minifile.asm from Hutch is This line. It is simple and clear about how to fill a list. invoke SendMessage,hList,LB_DIR,DDL_DIRECTORY or\ DDL_DRIVES,ADDR patternf It works well with (8.3) filenames but not with LongFileNames From Microsoft site, this should work for LFN. invoke GetCurrentDirectory,MAX_PATH,ADDR PathBuffer invoke DlgDirList,hList,ADDR PathBuffer,IDL_FILES,IDS_PATHTOFILL,DDL_READWRITE But, ??? IDL_FILES or constants IDS_PATHTOFILL is nowhere in the library. What is the value of them ??? Any help how to fill ComboBox with LFN is appreciated. Thanks John
Posted on 2000-12-02 06:37:00 by John
i'm also trying that, what i do is i call findnextfile and adding the result. It works fine except for recycled and program files which don't appear as dir. any idea ?
Posted on 2000-12-04 09:57:00 by (scalp)
scalp, It is a easy part, catch the attribute and add [] or whatever you like. ;============================================================== ; Leave out Sub-directory ;============================================================== .if wfd.dwFileAttributes == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY ;=10h jmp @B .endif Your code here. than: invoke SendMessage,hComboBox,CB_ADDSTRING,0,ADDR wfd.cFileName ;============================================================== Unfortunately, DlgDirList() only displays long filenames under Windows NT only. John
Posted on 2000-12-04 15:37:00 by John