I am new to PC Asm programming. I am proficient in 6809 and Z80 assembler though. I am a Windows programmer now(work). I mainly use MFC(yuck I know). Where would I find good docs for PC and Windows Dev in ASM? I have downloaded "The Art Of Assembly Language Programming". Not sure if this is gonna help now-a-days since its 16 bit related, but will still give it a read.

I am reading through Iczelions tutorials as well.

Wondering where I can get specific information of ASM programming for todays computers(pentiums). I am pretty knowledgeable with the Windows API. Well as much as MFC allows me to be.

Would like to also find info about using ASM for DirectX programming? But first things first gotta get intimate with the PC/Windows and how to work it!

I am also using MASM that comes with Hutch's package MASM32 7

thanx for any info
Posted on 2001-12-29 20:47:18 by Rockinronstar
The MASM programmers manual is good.. baZiK posted a link to it.. Ill have to dig it up and post it here.

As for DirectX.. the game programming forum is a good place for that. Scronty and Caleb are doing great work there.

If you had ICQ or AIM, Id send you a pretty good E-book I have.. it's 12 megs uncompressed. It goes over a bunch of stuff. I havent read it all yet :)

edit: http://www.crackpl.site.pl/a_documents/masm61.zip

Theres the programmers manual

Posted on 2001-12-29 22:29:29 by Torch
Use the search feature on this board to find the Win32API.
Posted on 2001-12-29 22:47:47 by eet_1024

I'll take a gander at it. If you wanna send it over AIM it shouldn't take too long (I'm on a cable modem).

AIM sn : lack1uster
                   ^ thats a 1 (one).
Posted on 2001-12-30 00:48:23 by lackluster
Rockinronstar, get the intel pentium3 (or pentium4) PDF files, they
are good. If you have a decent connection, you might also want to
fetch the newest version of PlatformSDK and the DirectX SDKs (I
assume you have some version of Visual Studio with MSDN... but
getting the latest PlatformSDK is usually worth it, at least if you have
a 256kbit line or faster).

Also, the trick seems to be to get the DX SDKs when they are new.
I can't find DX5 or DX7 SDKs online anymore... DX7 assumes you
want to code DX7 and not earlier, and DX8 assumes DX8... they
all miss some older stuff. Good things I got all three of them :).
Posted on 2001-12-30 02:41:32 by f0dder
Thanx for the info guys. Torch, my ICQ# is 145841751

I'd like to take a look at that e-book. I am on a cable modem service, so it should only take max 5 minutes to get that file from ya

well if you have a high speed connection as well

Posted on 2001-12-30 13:00:08 by Rockinronstar