Hi, How can i use fs register in masm? it alwasys gives me error msg.
Posted on 2000-12-05 12:12:00 by SirMike
Seen the fs register is a segment register, MASM by default, has the equiviant of 'assume fs:ERROR', this means any attempt to use it displays an error. To get around this, all you have to do is stick 'assume fs: nothing' in your source file anywhere above any reference to fs. Unless you are trying to install some structured exception handling i wouldn't recommend changing the value of fs, as windows uses it to point to the current threads information block. Changing it could do some strange things to windows.
Posted on 2000-12-05 16:39:00 by ...rugby...
Do you happen to know where I could get tech specs on the Thread Information Block and other low level Win stuff?
Posted on 2000-12-06 00:38:00 by Al Leitch